Strong University Network

The Green Growth and Travelism Institute is a non-profit Belgian organization, housing the Strong University Network (SUN). This is an international University R&D network, established in honour of Maurice Strong, one of the leading advocates of sustainable development, Secretary General of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit and a  long-time supporter of green growth in the Travelism value chain.  It has anchor university partners in  Australia, Belgium, China, Indonesia, Korea, Peru, UK, US and Zambia; with a dozen more under negotiation. Its goal is to have 20 Universities in 2015 and scale to 100 in 2020 when global carbon targets become enforceable. SUN will create an academic research and capacity building underpinning to the Green Growth & Travelism paradigm – with shared curriculum components, summer schools, distance learning and entrepreneurship focused capacity building programs.

SUN Framework November 2014

Read about the first Green Growth and Travelism Summer School !!
Belgium, August 25-29 >>


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 GG&T Summer School tease


–> Report, videos and pictures will follow soon…